The success of Thrikasa has been built on a strong foundation: Our professionals. The success of any development project depends upon the professionals that are assigned to that project. Our people are committed to the success of your projects. The benefits of using THRIKASA consultants for your dynamic staffing needs are the specialized skills they offer and the productivity they provide from the first day on the job. Most of our consultants have extensive academic backgrounds, several years of hands-on experience in multiple hardware/ software environments and good interpersonal skills.

THRIKASA Management behind the Professionals:
THRIKASA Management team possesses over 100 years of combined experience in data processing. These managers work with our consultants to ensure that your needs are met in a reliable and timely fashion. Another role of our management is to develop and secure resources for hiring experienced consultants both in the United States and Abroad. The Management team includes: Corporate Headquarters – Parsippany, NJ

President: Rajender Dichpally

Masters Degree in Business Administration (Finance and Marketing) Masters Degree in Computer Science Over 18 years in Software Development.

At THRIKASA, We don’t just promise results, we deliver them. Our customer’s satisfaction is our only goal. NJ